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BrickFair Virginia 2018

Attending BrickFair Virginia 2018 this year for the first time as an AFOL, I joined the massive GBC loop that was there. My setup spanned 3 tables and had 30 modules in all, this included my Lego GBC Scrolling Display, Lego GBC Super Tower Battle, Lego GBC Mini Golf and many others. The Lego GBC EV3 [...]

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BrickFair NJ 2017

I Attended BrickFair NJ 2017 this year for my first GBC layout, armed with the first versions of the Lego GBC Scrolling Display, Lego GBC Super Tower Battle and Lego GBC Cardan Lift V2. The GBC layout was coordinated by Tom Atkinson and I also manned by Stuart Roll and a few others. It was a fun [...]

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