Syosset Library – Sycon Presents: Bricks Rock 2019 was a 2-day Lego fan event put on by Syosset Public Library and ILUGNY.

My role as GBC Coordinator was running a 40ft display of GBC modules, that had a mix of my own GBC modules and LUG built modules.

The LUG also had a massive train layout, lots of great MOCS, and ran speed building competitions throughout the weekend, you can read more about that here

The Table Layout was a “Square” shape consisting of eight 60×30″ tables and one 30×30″ table, with my Tower Crane acting as a bridge to complete the loop.

The layout used 20 Train controllers, 24 Lego GBC Fence sections as well as most of my other Lego GBC Equipment.

We also ran a “Kids GBC” area with a table lowered to just 12″ off the ground, so that younger children could see the modules better.

All the modules in the “Kids” area were required to have Instructions available and many other modules had them as well.


Video of the GBC Layout.