Lego GBC Interactive Modules

Lego GBC Interactive Modules add a whole new layer of fun to a GBC layout, they vary from normal modules in that they use public interaction in order to move balls through or modify the path of balls moving through a module.

Ball Dozer

The public drives dozers around a pit in order to push the balls into the next module.

These modules need a lot of balls to work effectivly, this typically involves adding at least 100 extra balls to a layout, however, depending on the size of the dozer pit, you may need as many as 500 extra balls to make the module more fun.

It is recomended to add a metering module like Lego GBC Reservoir Lift in Yellow immediately afterwards to smooth the flow of balls from the module.

It is also worthwile adding a bypass mechanism for when there is no one driving the dozers.

From left-to-right:

  • The original Bill Bourne Ball Dozer
  • My Ball Dozer
  • Ryk Field’s Ball Dozer

Human Powered

These modules use public powered cranks and levers to drive conveyors or change ball paths.

The only know module to date is Rohan’s Mine (pictured below)