Lego GBC Utility Modules

Lego GBC Utility Modules support a layout and help them run efficiently, these include Reservoirs, Trains, Bridges and Returns


For stabilizing ball flow and ball storage while a downstream module is being fixed.

Layout Allowance

A minimum of 1 and then 1 every 20ft / 6m

See GBC Reservoir Lift in Yellow for details on this module


For returning balls to the start of a loop or filling gaps in layouts

See GBC EV3 Truck for details on this module

Layout Allowance

See GBC Table Layout, most layouts longer than 10ft / 3m will have a train in them for layouts longer than 40ft / 12m, a loop layout with a bridge is a better option


For enabling easy access to the inside of table loops by bridging a gap in the table

Layout Allowance

Essential for loop layouts

  • 1 for 40-80ft / 12-24m
  • 2 for longer layouts


Splitter modules split the balls into 2 paths allowing modules to run in parallel

Layout Allowance


Ball Returns

For making it easy (and fun) for people to return lost balls

Layout Allowance


Down and Up

A pair of modules used in a lowered area of a layout so that young children can see the modules

Using 12″/25cm milk crates as table legs will give a drop of around 18″/45cm this would require a Down module of 20″/50cm and and Up Module of 24″/60cm

Lowered areas need constant supervision due to the young target audience

Layout Allowance

Requires a lowered table and an additional person to watch