Lego GBC Equipment

Lego GBC Equipment covers all the items that support a Lego GBC layout, some are essential like power supplies, others like tablecloths help with aesthetics.

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Tables 30″/76cm wide (by 30″/76cm tall) work best for most layouts with lengths from 60″/150cm to 96″/240cm.

Layout Allowances

A minimum of 1.
See table layouts section for some table combination examples.

(Exclude the return train from the length calculations).

Table Wedges (Leveling Shims)

Ideally, GBC modules should be placed on a flat surface and level surface.

Unfortunately, venue tables are rarely either of these things so having a set of wedges to level tables is essential.

I own a pack of these wedges from Amazon and I find they work well for the odd table that needs leveling. (Paid Link Disclaimer).

Layout Allowances

Allow 1 for every 4 tables.

Stanchions / Bollards

Optional, but highly recommended.
Rigid rail stanchions are the best but a tensioned retractable belt stanchion work as well.

Layout Allowances

Outer length of tables.
Allow for a 1 to 2ft/30 to 60cm offset from the table.

(Exclude the return train from the length calculations).

Train Controllers (and power packs)

For powering modules all day.

Power packs vary by region but should output 12VDC or 10VAC at 800mA to 1A to run a train controller effectively.

I use these power packs from Amazon for all the controllers that I have (Paid Link Disclaimer).

Layout Allowances

1 controller every 2ft / 60cm and 1 power pack per controller.

Maximum 3 PF Medium motors per controller.

(Exclude the return train from the length calculations).

Lego Extension Wires (20cm)

Essential for connecting modules to controllers.

Layout Allowances

2 per controller with a minimum of 1 per module.

(Exclude the return train from the length calculations).

Power Strips (with 4ft / 1.2m leads)

Ensure you can plug at least 2 power-packs into the strip.

I use these 4ft power boards from Amazon as I find they are just the right length for daisy0chaining down a layout (Paid Link Disclaimer).

Layout Allowances

Allow for 1 every 4ft / 1.2m.


Lego 14mm sports balls.

For nighttime running Glowing UV balls are essential.

If you have a lot of ball pumps in your layout these numbers will need to be higher.

PV-Productions produce a high-quality UV ball that is compatible with Lego GBC loops, you read about them in my Lego GBC Balls Comparison.

Layout Allowances

For every 10ft / 3m allow.

  • 100 white balls.
  • 10 orange balls.
  • 1 special ball.

(the colors can be swapped around, the aim is to have a variation).

(Exclude the return train from the length calculations).


(White or Black, although I prefer black).
Hanging tablecloths to the ground allow GBC boxes to be stored underneath the tables.

Standard polyester tablecloths work great for layouts and are far easier to handle than disposable ones.

I own a collection of these ones from Amazon and they are plenty wide enough for any table width (Paid Link Disclaimer).

Layout Allowances

60″/150cm wide by the length of tables.

Add 30″/76cm to the length for every corner to allow hanging to the floor at the table ends.

Black Terry Cloth

(Minimum thickness of 9oz per square yard / 300g per square meter).
Using Terry cloth (think thin bath towels) reduces balls bouncing and rolling when they come out of modules.

A width of 45″ / 110cm will allow for full coverage of most tables with a pleasing overhang.

Note: Terry Cloth can be sourced under “Fabric by the yard/meter” at most fabric suppliers.

I have bought a couple of roles of this Terry cloth from Amazon and cut it into 6ft/180cm covers (Paid Link Disclaimer), to hem the terry cloth I used Iron-On Fusing Web (hemming tape) (Paid Link Disclaimer).

Layout Allowances

45″ / 110cm wide by length of layout.


for keeping balls on the table.

Lego GBC Fence Instructions.

Layout Allowances

Exterior Length of layout.

Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats

When displaying on concrete floors, floor mats help ease the strain on your body.

Layout Allowances

Enough for the interior length of the layout.


(the ones that keep it all running).

Layout Allowances

Daytime shows: 1 person every 10ft / 3m.

Nighttime shows: 1 person every 7ft / 2m.