Lego GBC Collateral

GBC Collateral covers all the cards, signs and handouts that tell people about the layout

Cards and Flyers

MOC Card (Tent Card)

A MOC (My Own Creation) card with additional information about the MOC

Always remember to credit the designer if you built the module from instructions

Layout Allowance

1 per module

GBC Standard(Double sided 6×4 Postcard)

An infographic of the GBC standard with helpful links on the back for handing out

Layout Allowance

Varies depending on show size, however, allow 50 for every day
(have a least 20 on hand)

GBC Layout FAQ (plain card 6×4 Postcard)

A card that is filled out at the show to help builders answer those common questions

Layout Allowance

1 per watcher

Stickers and Signs


A hashtag reminder for people posting about the shows

Layout Allowance

1 every 10ft / 3m

Pinch Point Warning

For placing near modules with exposed gearing

Layout Allowance

Varies depending on layout, however, allow 1 for every 10ft/3m
(have a least 5 on hand)

Flying Balls Warning Sticker

For placing near shooters and module that accelerate the balls rapidly

Layout Allowance

Varies depending on layout, however, allow 1 for every 30ft/10m
(have a least 2 on hand)

Lego Great Ball Contraption Signs

I used Heat transfer Vinyl to add signs to my Terry cloth covers

Layout Allowance

I have 1 sign every 5-6ft / 1.5-1.8m (the length of my Terry cloth sections)

Lego Great Ball Contraption Sign (4.5″x24″)

In the past I used to use Foam-board signs and attached them to the tablecloths using magnets

Layout Allowance

Minimum 1 for each side of layout, then 1 every 16ft / 5m