If you have ever watched a GBC show online or participated in a GBC layout you may have missed the unsung hero of GBC, all the supporting modules, equipment and collateral.

These pages cover the supplies and rules-of-thumb that I use when coordinating GBC shows, it can be broken into several key areas.

  • Lego GBC Table Layouts for different table configurations.
  • Lego GBC Equipment covers all the items that support a Lego GBC layout, some are essential like power supplies, others like tablecloths help with aesthetics.
  • Lego GBC Tools are tools uses for collecting and recovering balls during a show
  • Lego GBC Utility Modules are the GBC modules that support a layout and help them run efficiently, these include Reservoirs, Trains, Bridges and Returns
  • Lego GBC Collateral covers all the cards, signs and handouts that tell people about the layout