Boxes for Lego GBC Modules

Boxes for Lego GBC Modules are the ways I pack my GBC modules when taking them to shows.
This includes a mix of bespoke cardboard boxes and plastic tubs depending on how stable the module is.

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Plastic tubs

Plastic tubs can be a great way for storing GBC modules and carting them around.

The containers can be air-tight and can be carried through the rain without issue.

Collapsible Crate

These are great during module development as they allow me to pack modules away when I need my workspace for other projects or if I don’t need them they collapse flat.

I have found it is possible to lose small parts when taking modules to shows in this style of storage.

This is the crate I bought from Amazon (Paid Link Disclaimer) , and I have a few that I use for storing prototypes and last minute GBC show storage.

Plastic Storage Box

Great for moving modules to shows and they stack nicely when not in use.

Ensure your module is well packed and padded to reduce transit damage.

I have bought and used these 11Gal tubs from Amazon (Paid Link Disclaimer)  in the past.

Bespoke cardboard boxes

Bespoke cardboard boxes are great for when your module is stable or you plan on shipping your modules.
My boxes are made up of two key parts an outer sheath that gets replaced as it gets damaged and an inner core that contains all the detailed packing features.

I also try to keep my boxes 24 x18 x10″/60x46x25cm (LxWxH) in size as that size fits neatly into a large suitcase and allows me to fly into shows.

All my boxes started out as these 24x18x24/60x46x60cm boxes from Amazon (Paid Link Disclaimer) and I cut them down to make a new 10″/25cm high box.

Outer sheath

The outer sheath is a disposable box that can be replaced when it gets too damaged.

Inner core

This is where I put all the detailed packing, which I’ll do with spare cardboard and join using a glue gun.

This allows me to compact my modules into a smaller space than would be possible using plastic boxes.

(Click on the images for links to more photos of each box)


Hand Truck / Trolley

Although carrying boxes is the best way to ensure gentle treatment, it is rarely practical, that’s why having a folding hand-truck/trolley in your kit can really help out.

I have one of these from Amazon (Paid Link Disclaimer), which has both a Cart and Upright mode, although I find unless a surface is really smooth the Cart mode wheels are a bit small and thus the ride a bit rough for transporting boxes.