Lego GBC Mini Golf Putter V2.2 Update is a list of changes to the Lego GBC Golf Putter V2 that is used in the Lego GBC Mini Golf course.

The update contains the following mix of cosmetic and performance-based changes.

  • The main pistons are now 1 plate higher to ensure balls are passed to the final piston.
  • The input ramp angle is now slightly steeper.
  • Added snot bricks and studs to stop the input ramp flipping up.
  • The drive ratio has been increased from 20/12 to 20/16 to speed the module to just over 1 ball per second on full speed.
  • The crankshaft now uses 1×3 thin liftarms instead of connectors to reduce friction.
  • Conrods are now in yellow for better visibility.
  • Stop axles are now used for transfer drive to make extension easier.
  • The body has been reinforced with liftarms for better transport durability.
  • Putter drive axle now has a slip join to better handle accidental direction reversal.
  • The putter will no longer hit the backing green.
  • V2.2.1, add a inset into step 78 to clarify timing.


Video of the updates.

Video of the extensions.