Lego GBC Hoecken is a Lego Great Ball Contraption module based on Hoecken’s linkage that converts rotary motion into approximate straight line motion.

This module was inspired by:


By Matt Norman at

Zwarte 4 stangen (Black 4 bars)

By Maico Arts at

Night Lighting

With a few extra parts and one of my custom Lego UV/Led lights, the module can be set up for nighttime running with the UV shining on the balls and the Lego light passing through a trans-red brick to color the module.


Video of this module in operation.


Builds and revisions to this module


Pieces Cost Difficulty
215 $ Easy

An original design that was inspired by the simplicity “Whirligig” and the mechanism of “Zwarte 4 stangen (Black 4 bars)”.

It uses the principles of Hoecken’s Linkage to scoop the balls up into the next module and includes a counterweight to balance the lift action.

Get Instructions here: Lego GBC Hoecken Instructions.

Version 1.5

Pieces Cost Difficulty
209 $ Easy
  • Increase the height of the Module by 1 plate (for more output clearance)
  • Decrease the height of the input by 1 plate ( to keep it in GBC standard)
  • For better mechanism visibility
    • Add a larger side window
    • Change the weighted color to red

Get Instructions here: Lego GBC Hoecken Instructions.