Lego GBC Ball return is a Utility Module designed by Lawrie George that allows Lego GBC Balls to be easily returned to the loop.

It uses a four corner skate ramps to make the bucket and is combined with a Lego GBC Donahue variation and Brickworld ball pump variation to make it into complient GBC module as well.

The modules creation occured in three phases.

First I built the bucket from the skate ramps and configured it so that balls could drop into any module.

This looked a bit plain though so I then built the flip sign, this was inspired by the old style rotating billboards (they are almost all LED’s these days) that I saw while on holiday.

At this point it was looking good but it still wasn’t an actual module, to do this I modified a Lego GBC Donahue and Brickworld ball pump to pump balls into the bucket,  then carry them from the output into the next module.

1. Ball Return, 2. Hand Holding Ball, 3. Hand Dropping Ball

Night Lighting

For this module I used a Lego Led light shining through trans blue (to diffuse the light) onto the sign so that it could be seen at night, as well as one of my custom Lego UV/Led lights in the ball pump to charge the balls before they got pumped into the bucket.


Video of this module in operation