For Lego GBC Super Tower Battle I wanted to challenge myself to build a tall accurate shooter.

The initial idea always had two shooters to reduce the fire rate down to 1 ball every 2 seconds.

The Superhero aspect came later after my kids started to place mini-figs on the building, from here it evolved to show specific powers for each hero.

Night Lighting

This module is set up for night running and uses a range of lights for different effects.

The initial loader uses one of my custom Lego UV/Led lights, with the UV shining on the balls and the lego light lighting up the gearing.

There are also lights shining through various transparent colors to light up the shooter barrels and superheroes.

I also use another UV light to make Green Lanterns construct glow.

Heroes in Action

Photos for different aspects of the module.


Videos of this module in operation


Lego GBC Super Tower Battle packs into two 24x18x10″/60x46x25cm  bespoke cardboard boxes.

In order to fit, it breaks into several key pieces.

Box 1

  • Tower.
  • Feed Train.

Box 2

  • Red and Yellow Shooters.
  • Tower-Top and Net
  • It is also packed with Lego GBC Cardan Lift V2 as I run these modules together.

You can read about other boxes here Boxes for Lego GBC Modules.


Builds and revisions to this module

Version 1

Pieces Cost Time
3000+ $$$$ 2 Months
  • Dual shooters to reduce fire rate.
  • Net created from smaller nets.

My Variation

Pieces Cost Time
3000+ $$$$ 1 Month

Completely rebuilt.

  • Shooters are now more accurate, needing only a single net.
  • Tiled all building floors to stop balls from getting trapped.
  • New feeder train car that divides the balls better between shooters.