Lego GBC Reservoir Lift in Yellow is a variation of Stuarts lift module with the aim of showing the inner mechanism.

I have a pair of these modules as they have capacity well over 200 balls and will output them at exactly 1 ball per second.

This makes them great utility modules, that when spaced around a GBC layout will even out the flow of balls.

These modules have the same mechanism as the Lego GBC Rainbow Lift modules.

Night Lighting

These modules are set up for night running with each module having a custom Lego UV/Led lights, with the UV shining on the balls and the lego light passing through a transparent colored brick to color the module.


Videos of this module in operation


My pair Lego GBC Reservoir Lift in Yellow packs into two separate 4x18x10″/60x46x25cm bespoke cardboard boxes.

The first is packed with Lego GBC Rainbow Lift and Lego GBC Donahue in Red and Blue. And the second is packed with Lego GBC EV3 Truck.

You can read about other boxes here Boxes for Lego GBC Modules.


Builds and revisions to this module


Pieces Cost Time
300+ $$ N/A

This module is designed by Stuart Roll and can be seen at 43:58 in the video below.

My Variation

Pieces Cost Time
300+ $$ 2 Weeks

For these modules, I wanted to highlight the inner mechanism.

  • Re-designed shell to incorporate clear panels to show off mechanism.