Lego GBC Mini Golf is a collection of 9 golf-course modules, it had its beginnings as a way to build a lot of similar modules that were all visually different to look at.

From here it evolved into a 9 hole mini golf course that had detailed models on every third hole and winding courses in-between.

One of the key design challenges (besides keeping it compact) was to ensure that every course would always score a hole-in-one to ensure it did not slow other modules in a bigger GBC layout.

Early layout sketch

One of the initial challenges was determining the course layout so that the course remained compact.

For this, I found it easier to sketch out the shapes and arrange them in different orders.

Night Lighting

Each course has its own lighting consisting of my custom Lego UV/Led lights to light up the reservoir and the LEGO light lighting up the inside of the lift module.

There is also additional lighting in the Easter Island Heads eyes and the Pyramids flames.

The Alligator gets a glowing ball in its mouth, London Bridge has its windows lit up and the Fire bridge has glowing flames.

Lastly, the Windmill has some UV sensitive Lego bricks on the blades which are lit up by some additional UV lights


Videos of this module in operation

V2 height extensions

V2 to V2.2 changes


My Mini Golf Course has won several awards and has been featured on Tested! and Beyond the Brick.


Lego GBC Mini Golf packs into a two 24x18x10″/60x46x25cm  bespoke cardboard boxes.

In order to fit, it breaks into several key pieces.

Box 1.

  • Two Putters (one is a spare).
  • Tower Bridge.
  • Windmill tower.
  • Fire Bridge.
  • Alligator Island.
  • Windmill course.
  • Pharaohs Tomb.

Box 2

  • 8 golf putters
  • Right Turn.
  • Easter Island.
  • Sand Hills.
  • Long Curve.

You can read about other boxes here Boxes for Lego GBC Modules.


Builds and revisions to this module.

Putter Version 1

Pieces Cost Time to Prototype and Build
550+ $$ 2 Months

Originally based on Stuarts lift module, this putter design has now had over 40 hours of running proving it to be a robust module.

Putter Version 2

Pieces Cost  Time to Prototype and Build
500+ $$ 1 Month

This module was designed to improve the flexibility of the putter to meet GBC standard when creating some golf courses.

  • Making the input area angle adjustable.
  • Make the module expandable for alternate start heights.

Lego GBC Mini Golf Putter V2 Instructions.

Putter Version 2.2

Pieces Cost  Time to Prototype and Build
500+ $$ 1 Month

Version 2.2 contains a mix of cosmetic and performance-based changes, you can read about these changes here Lego GBC Mini Golf Putter V2.2 Update.

Lego GBC Mini Golf Putter V2 Instructions.

9 Hole Mini Golf Course

Pieces Cost Time
8000+ $$$$ 4 Months

A list of the modules in the full mini golf course.

  1. Right Turn.
  2. Easter Island.
  3. Pharaohs Tomb.
  4. Alligator Island.
  5. Sand Hills.
  6. London Bridge.
  7. Long Curve.
  8. Fire Bridge.
  9. Windmill.