Lego GBC EV3 Truck or G.E.T GBC EV3 TRUCK is a Lego Great Ball Contraption Module It is a utility train module for recirculation balls or filling large gaps in a table.

The initial idea was to be trackless and uses IR Beacons for detecting the start and ends, however using train tracks as a guide has proved to be more reliable and allows the module to fit behind other modules.

Night Lighting

The reservoir has a custom Lego UV/Led lights, with the UV shining on the balls and the Lego light passing through a trans-colored brick to color the module.

The Trucks headlights and taillights both light up and change their pattern depending on the direction of travel.

Loading and Unloading

Loading is done from an elevated bin that the truck opens via a spring-loaded trap door.

Unloading is done by the truck tilting its tray.


Videos of this module in operation.


Lego GBC EV3 Truck packs into a single 24x18x10″/60x46x25cm  bespoke cardboard box.

In order to fit, it breaks into several key pieces.

  • Truck.
  • Input feed conveyor.
  • Input tower reservoir.
  • 20ft / 6m of tracks are broken into 3 piece segments.
  • 2 EV3 Batteries, 3 PF Rechargeable batteries, and 3 chargers.
  • A few curved and flexible track pieces.
  • It is also packed with a Lego GBC Reservoir Lift in Yellow.

You can read about other boxes here Boxes for Lego GBC Modules.


Builds and revisions to this module.

Version 1

Pieces Cost Time
1500+ $$$$ 2 Months
  • The module uses an EV3 programmed using Python (Programming Lego EV3’s)
  • The front and rear IR sensors are used for collision detection.
  • The bottom color sensor is used for start and end validation.
  • The loading mechanism is triggered by the truck and fed by a slow conveyor.
  • The unload module is a reservoir that will return balls at 1 ball per second.

Version 2

Pieces Cost Time
1500+ $$$$ 1 Week
  • Add an anti-jam flap to chain lift and adjust chain speed.
  • Add gears to drive motor and racks to track for better traction.
  • Update the software to slow the truck down on shorter runs.