Lego GBC Brickworld Ball Pump is a reliable ball pump module designed by Brian Alano.

I have blue and red builds of this module and use them regularly at shows due to their reliability.

The module is highly extensible and I use variations of it in several of my other modules.

Night Lighting

The modules are setup for night running as well.

They use my custom Lego UV/Led lights, with the UV shining on the balls and the Lego light passing through a trans-green/yellow brick to color the module.


Videos of these modules in operation.


Builds and revisions to this module


Pieces Cost Difficulty
300+ $$ Medium

This module was designed by Brian Alano.

The instructions can be found at

Parts List (Bricklink XML): BW-Ball-Pump_v1.xml

My Variations

Pieces Cost Difficulty
300+ each $$ Medium

Minor changes.

  • Changed color.
  • Changed output ramp.
Pieces Cost Difficulty
350+ $$ Medium

Lego GBC Lapras themed version.

UV Soak Adapater

Pieces Cost Difficulty
40+ $ Easy

An adapter for night running GBC where you need to charge balls using UV light.

This adapter sits directly on any Brickworld ball pump and will charge a ball for 3 seconds before moving it to the next module.

BrickWorld Ball Pump UV LED Adapter Instructions.

See link for more information on night lighting Night Lighting.