2020 is shaping to be a strange and chaotic year for us all, and with all of us compelled to spend more time indoors many of the shows and conferences we could have attended in person have moved online so that we can continue to enjoy them. This has presented a silver lining for me as it has enabled me to attend Brickworld from the other side of the world and present my GBC layout as part of the inaugural Brickworld Virtual April 2020

For this layout, I created a full show ready loop of 35 modules, complete with bridge, table cloths, and MOC cards. The show itself was presented by myself and 5 other builders on a rolling schedule showing people through our running layouts and answering questions as we go.


A World of Lights run-through of the layout.


Instructions for modules in the video in order of appearance.

Designer: Rafe Donahue.

Instructions: GBC Donahue

Name: Pusher Upper

Designer: Huw Millington

Name: Lego GBC Wheel Lift 12×12.

Designer: Brian Alano.

Name: Lego GBC Skaerbaek 2017.

Designer: Maico Arts.

Name: Lego GBC Serpentine V2.1

Original Designer: Brian Alano.

Revised By: Lawrie George.

Revised Instructions: Lego GBC Serpentine V2 Instructions.

Name: Lego GBC Ramps (Brickworld 2017 workshop module)

Designer: Bryan Bonahoom.

Instructions: 2017_Brickworld_GBC_Workshop_Module,_rev_1a

Set can be purchased by Brickworld Attendees: https://brickworld.com/convention/

Name: Compact Carden Lift. (BrickFair 2019 Workshop Module)

Designer: Lawrie George.

Name: Lego GBC Power Miners.

Designer: Ryk Field.

Designer: Lawrie George.