Attending Brickworld Chicago 2019 this year I joined the record-breaking GBC loop that was there.

The layout contained over 390 modules with a linear length of over 320ft / 120 meters and it took a ball over an hour to travel around the whole loop.

I had 2 tables of continuous modules which started with a group of modules with Instructions.
This led into my Lego GBC Mini Golf then into my Tower Crane (bridge) module.
After spanning the gap I had GBC Chain Reactions, Lego GBC Lapras, and Rover before my new Stargate module.

I also had a range of other modules scattered about the loop for a total of 48 modules (roughly 12% of modules on the table).

This year was particularly busy and some of my older modules like Lego GBC Scrolling Display, Lego GBC EV3 Truck, and Lego GBC Super Tower Battle stayed in there boxes under the table.

This year we also ran the entire perimeter loop for the first hour of World-of-Lights.

As GBC Night Coordinator this involved several hours set up to ensure we had UV charging stations spaced around the layout and that all modules were pre-loaded with the UV balls for the run.

We also moved Toms Ferris wheel from the inner loop to the outside to include it in the night show.

Video of my section

Video of the entire loop by Beyond the Brick