Life had other plans for me this year, however, I managed to get to Brickvention 2020 as a spectator and got see the show and its creations for the first time.

I also took the time to meet the GBC crew that run the loop in Melbourne and see some of the amazing creations on display.


A video of some of the highlights from the layout this year.

Full video from Beyond the Brick


Instructions for modules in the video in order of appearance.

Name: Compact Carden Lift. (BrickFair 2019 Workshop Module)

Designer: Lawrie George.

Name: Bat Wheel.

Designer: Ryk Field.

Name: Lego GBC Power Miners.

Designer: Ryk Field.

Name: Lego GBC Serpentine V2.1

Original Designer: Brian Alano.

Revised By: Lawrie George.

Revised Instructions: Lego GBC Serpentine V2 Instructions.

Name: Christmas Sweeper.

Designer: Joel Sloan.

Designer: Rafe Donahue.

Instructions: GBC Donahue

Name: Lego GBC Ramps (Brickworld 2017 workshop module)

Designer: Bryan Bonahoom.

Instructions: 2017_Brickworld_GBC_Workshop_Module,_rev_1a

Set can be purchased by Brickworld Attendees:

Name: Lego GBC Sawtooth. (Brickworld 2019 workshop module)

Designer: John Brost.