Bricks By The Bay is a premier Lego fan event in Santa Clara, California (USA), that I got the chance to attend this year and participate in the GBC layout.

For this event, I had my 9 Lego GBC Mini Golf modules, Cardan Lift, and a V2 testing version of Lego GBC Hoecken module along with 9 other builders with a total of 46 modules.

The layout started on a custom drain system over 6 tables, however, this was quite a compressed layout and I encouraged them to expand the layout onto an addtional two tables for the Sunday run. This made the loop easier for the public to see at the expense of more work cleaning up balls.

The GBC layout also won peoples choice (voted by the public) and I picked up “Greatest GBC” for my Mini Golf modules.

Videos and Media

My Mini Golf modules ended up featuring in a few different places including a piece in the Mercury News.

I also had the express pleasure of chatting with Norman Chan from Adam Savage’s Tested about Great Ball Contraption.

And Boon and John from Beyond the Brick filmed the whole layout (I’ll link the video when it’s released).

Lego GBC Counter rolling over to 20,000 at Bricks By The Bay 2019