Arriving Friday afternoon to BrickFair NJ 2019  I began to setup my end of the loop with a mix of my newer modules Lego GBC Stargate and Lego GBC Tower Crane (Bridge Module), as well as my Lego GBC Mini Golf course, and my original 3 modules the Lego GBC Scrolling DisplayLego GBC Cardan Lift V2, and Lego GBC Super Tower Battle. I also contributed a Ball DozerModule to add to the interactive fun.

We ran the whole loop for World of Lights on Saturday by using UV Led Strips and PV glow in the dark balls.

GBC Workshop

This year I was the designer of the GBC Workshop module kit “Compact Cardan Lift”, these kits were produced in 4 colors (Red, Yellow, Green and Blue) and will be used in the BrickFair NJ 2019 (Builder), BrickFair AL 2020 (Builder), and BrickFair NC 2020 (Builder) conventions to allow attendies to build there own GBC module.

Just over 30 kits were assembled at the friday night workshops with 15 or so of these participaing in the GBC loop. For all those modules that made it to the table, we added the 1.10 patch to ensure maximum reliability (Info about patch)

You can get Lego GBC Compact Cardan Lift Instructions in my store, however, I would recommend picking up one of the kits at the upcoming shows if you have the opportunity.


My video of the layout this year.


Instructions for modules in the video in order of appearance.

Name: Lego GBC Wheel Lift 12×12.

Designer: Brian Alano.

Designer: Rafe Donahue.

Instructions: GBC Donahue

Name: GBC Catapult

Designer: Tom Atkinson.

Revised By: Dunes

Name: Compact Carden Lift. (BrickFair 2019 Workshop Module)

Designer: Lawrie George.

Name: Lego GBC Sawtooth. (Brickworld 2019 workshop module)

Designer: John Brost.