BrickCan is a premier Lego fan event in Vancouver Canada, that I got the chance to attend this year and participate in the GBC layout.

For this event, I got to participate in GBC Loop with my 9 Lego GBC Mini Golf modules and my Lego GBC Hoecken module along with 6 other builders with a total of 56 modules.

Due to venue constraints, the event ran in 2-hour blocks with us putting on 3 shows a day over 2 days.

There was a bunch of neat giveaways at the event including a limited edition Bobba Fet minifigure, loose brick, and merchandise from Brewski Boyz.

I was lucky enough to win “Best GBC module” as well a beer bottle memento for my Lego GBC Mini Golf module.


Video of the GBC Layout, shot by Great Ball Pit.