About Lego GBC by Lawrie George

I hope you find lawriege.com useful.

I am a Solutions Consultant based in Perth, Western Australia, with a varied career that started in the mechanical trades before moving to civil and software engineering, my love of GBC comes from its ability to challenge me but also be creative in a tangible form.

How I got started in GBC

I got started in GBC watching Beyond the Brick Youtube videos of the Brickworld and BrickFair shows and became a fan of Tom Atkinson in the process.

I took my time with my first module GBC Scrolling Display because I wanted to challenge myself to create a new and detailed model, this took me close to 4 months and for my second module  GBC Cardan Lift V2 I simply built it from instructions over a couple of days, my third module  GBC Super Tower Battle was again a process to challenge myself to build something unique, but, this time add a little more fun into the result.

My First Shows

With these modules built, I signed up for a BrickFair NJ 2017, where I learned a lot of hard lessons from being in the GBC loop and got to meet both Tom and Stuart Roll who got me thoroughly hooked on Lego Great Ball Contraptions.

After NJ, I went nuts and built over 20ft of new GBC modules including the GBC Mini Golf and took all my new modules to Brickworld Chicago 2018.
At Brickworld Chicago I also did my first GBC night display using UV balls and the fun and success I had have cemented lighting GBC modules as part of my building challenge.

Since then I have got progressively into Lego Great Ball Contraptions including coordinating my own GBC shows.

Why lawriege.com

In late 2018 I joined a Discord forum run by Matt (Great Ball Pit) and this introduced me to a bunch of other GBC builders worldwide.

The Discord group is really active in sharing their creations on both Youtube and Blogs and I realized I had both a lot of modules to share as well as some unique perspectives on coordinating shows.

As a result, I created lawriege.com where I can publish my notes and errata on GBC as well as share instructions and videos on my GBC modules.

If you are new here, Getting Started has a bunch of links to the people and pages that inspire me and Resources has my collection of notes and articles.