Lego GBC by Lawrie George

Lego GBC or Lego Great Ball Contraption is a form of Rube Goldberg machine where the aim is to move Lego sports balls from one machine to another.

The standard defines the rate of ball flow as well as the input and output bin sizes, and by having a standard it allows anyone to build a GBC module that they can then bring to collaborative displays.

Getting Started

Resources for getting started in Lego GBC.

GBC Modules

GBC modules I have built.

GBC Instructions

GBC modules with instructions.

Recent Posts

Lego GBC Compact Cardan Lift

August 23rd, 2019|0 Comments

Lego GBC Compact Carden Lift is a module I designed for the BrickFair VA 2019, BrickFair NJ 2019, BrickFair AL 2020, and BrickFair NC 2020 GBC Workshops. It is based around the Cardan Mechanism and uses an [...]

BrickFair Virginia 2019

August 17th, 2019|Comments Off on BrickFair Virginia 2019

Arriving early Wednesday evening to BrickFair VA 2019 I was surprised to see that almost all of the GBC area had already been filled, however, after a bit of cajoling I was able to [...]

Lego GBC Stargate

August 7th, 2019|0 Comments

Lego GBC Stargate is a module designed by Lawrie George that teleports the balls from one portal to another. The module was inspired by the theme the "Moon and Beyond" and my love of [...]

Seeing Lego Great Ball Contraption Shows

Lego Great Ball Contraption is a global phenomenon and shows happen throughout the year, to find an event near you see the links below.

Public Events

Public Events are where you can see Lego GBC modules in action.
(To participate you will need to contact the event organizer.)

AFOL Events

Adult Fan of Lego Conventions where you can meet other Lego GBC enthusiasts.
(They typically have Public days where you will help run a GBC loop.)

Coordinating GBC Shows

Coordinating GBC layouts can be a lot of fun and a lot of work, see the links below for my notes on the equipment and collateral needed for running GBC shows.

Coordinating GBC Shows

All the supporting modules, equipment, and collateral needed to run a show.

GBC utility Modules

Lego GBC Utility Modules including Reservoirs, Trains, Bridges, and Returns.

GBC Gear

GBC Gear including instructions, stickers, postcards and more.